Introducing The “Save Local Business” Initiative

The coronavirus has already had a terrible effect on small local businesses across our country, impacting; gyms, physiotherapists, restaurants, bars, cafes and many more. The dire reality is that without support, many of these small businesses will go bankrupt, as they still have to pay rent and other overheads, whilst being involuntarily forced to close for the foreseeable future. 

In the best interests of public safety, closing was the right thing to do, in order to help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic facing Australians. However, if we want to be able to enjoy these great local businesses once this has all passed, we need to support them now.

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How It Works


The primary mission of the "Save Local Business" initiative is simple - provide a 100% not for profit platform, where struggling small businesses across the nation can advertise their products and services through the promotion of gift cards or service vouchers. 



The cash flow generated from any purchases made will give these small businesses a fighting chance of survival in this unprecedented time of need, hopefully help them avoid bankruptcy and possibly even keep some Australians employed.

How You Can Help!

Browse the list of registered local small businesses and follow their associated link to a voucher, gift card or prepaid service. Clicking the link will redirect you straight to their website, where you can then purchase your desired product offering through the business’ own payment system. This way no external fees will be charged.

If you want to see your favourite local businesses survive this time of crisis, so that you can enjoy them in the future, please take this opportunity to support them now. For many small local businesses, this could literally be the last lifeline, that they so desperately need, in order to keep their lights on. 

What Type Of Businesses Can Join Our Listing?

This initiative has specifically been created to support small businesses (not large organisations) across any industry niche, that have been involuntarily forced to close by either government legislation or financial pressures.

A list of eligible industry niches includes (but are not limited to); hospitality, healthcare, fitness and wellbeing, digital agencies, beauty, retail, fashion, technology and many more.

What can I do if I don’t have a gift card page?

There are many different sites which can offer voucher creation for only a small fee, taken from each purchase. You can use a site of your choosing if you would like to create your own voucher.


We have reached out to who have offered to waive their fee for every business listed on this website. To do this, please contact John on letting him know your account details and that you are a part of


It only takes a few minutes to set up. Once you have an account and have linked it to Stripe (payment system), you can submit your application with your company voucher page.

Does This Website Make Money Or Accept Payments?

No, we are 100% non-profit. We have created this platform purely to support small local businesses that are in financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic. We do not handle any money or any form of payment, the local businesses themselves handle 100% of this transactional process.

I’m Also Under Financial Stress And I Can’t Afford To Buy A Voucher, What Else Can I Do?

We understand that many people have recently lost their income due to no fault of their own but may still like to offer their support for small local businesses. If this is you, you can help by sharing this page on your social channels to spread the message with your friends and family. You could also contact your favourite local businesses and let them know to contact us to register their business for this initiative.


Want to know more?

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